Food Freedom: How to Stop Tracking Macros is a guide for people who have been stuck in tracking macronutrients for an extended period of time and are looking for help on navigating food without tracking. You might be scared of what will happen if you stop tracking. We address how to cope with those fears through embracing and empowering you in the transition from tracking to mindful eating. This workbook is filled with topics such as how to eat on vacation, working with cravings and mindful eating. Each topic is followed by questions that will allow you to explore and find the most sustainable way to make this transition work for you.

The workbook is specifically written for people looking to transition out of tracking macronutrient intake. If you are someone who has heard about tracking macros or are looking to find a more sustainable approach to nutrition and exercise, book a consult with me HERE so we can talk about your goals.

Workbook: $50

Workbook + Overview Call + Facebook Support Group: $125

With this package you are receiving not only the workbook but a one on one call with me to discuss any questions or concerns about the process of transitioning from tracking to not tracking your food. Along with that you are invited to be a part of a Facebook community with other people that are going through this with you for added support. I highly recommend this package for long-term success.