I found Kelsea via her husband’s foodie social media because food! I’ve been following her for a while and once I was cleared postpartum I decided to give Kelsea’s coaching a try. I could not be happier that I did!! She is the sweetest person and is always willing to help you learn and love your body. I have never worried about asking her anything in fear of being judged. Her plan is so fitting for my schedule and not to mention I still get to eat all the food. I have been working for Kelsea for 6+ months now and I am down 20 lbs from pre pregnancy weight. If you communicate with her and trust in her you will not be disappointed!!


Looking back, when I reached out to Kelsea initially for coaching, I really had no idea of how great of an impact she would have on my life. I made initial contact with the intent of losing some stressed induced weight, and learning more about the powerlifting community through the direction of a strong woman; but our time working together quickly turned into so much more! Kelsea does a fantastic job of listening and structuring your training/nutrition plan to work with your lifestyle. She communicates and supports your journey, while allowing you to grow and be the best version of yourself!

Sara Claypole

I cant start this without giving you guys a little back story. About 10 years ago i started on a weightloss journey out of desperation. I didn’t love myself and i thought people didn’t love me because i was severely overweight. After about 6 months of nothing but cardio a trainer at the gym found me and coached me thru the rest of my weightloss and taught me about lifting weights.

Fast forward to now- that same coach was still coaching me but now i was trying to gain weight. I lost weight too well and my metabolism went into overdrive. I had a long standing relationship with this guy but i wasnt getting the results i needed and felt like i wasnt being listened to.

I started following Kelsea on social media and heard her talking about making your fitness work around your life and not your life work around your fitness. She talked about alot of things like being mindful and having balance. After carefully watching and listening to her for over a year i decided to reach out and connect with her on coaching. From my very first conversation with her i knew things were going to be very different. I started working with Kelsea 6 weeks ago but i feel like i have known her forever. She makes a connection with you instantly and no matter how busy she is she makes you a top priority. I had NO IDEA what i was missing from coaching until i started working with her. In these six short weeks not only have i gained some desperately needed weight but ive learned so much about my technique and form. I also have been able to look at myself in the mirror for the first time in a long time and truly really love what i see. Kelsea cant possibly know how she has already changed my life but she really truly has. I am forever grateful that i chose her and you will be too.

Mindy Mecurio

There aren’t enough words in the world to thank Kelsea for everything she’s done for me. Yes, she’s helped me lose weight, and while that’s why I thought I asked for her help, that is actually the smallest of the things she’s done. She’s taught me how to approach fat loss in a whole new way. For the first time in my life, I am not either miserable (from depriving myself) or hating myself (from watching the scale go up). I can go to an event and feel confident that I know how to tackle it, not walk in scared that this will be what blows it all. She’s helped me understand why we eat the way we do, that my mental health is as important as anything else and that we don’t mess up – we learn. More than anything, she’s taught me to love myself. I will be thankful and love this woman forever!!

Lexie Keith

I have had my share of bad coaches in the past, which makes me beyond grateful for Kelsea. She is by far the BEST coach and exceeds any expectations I had of what that role would be in my life. Kelsea has helped me not only with my physical strength, but my mental strength and relationship with food. I have been able to eat what I want (within moderation, never deprivation) and also lose body fat and increase weights on the bar. I have hit PR’s on all my major lifts, and even used weights that I couldn’t even attempt as my working wights. All of that is because of Kelsea. She gives you the confidence that you have in yourself. Kelsea is responsive, supportive, and knowledgable. She always takes the time to respond to check-ins and questions. She encourages balance in life, which is critical for me as a mom. I am so lucky to have found Kelsea and would recommend her to anyone!

Jessica Kubicki

“Last summer I was trying on clothes and literally had a melt down in the dressing room…. I was so frustrated. All the boot camps, TRX, spin classes and hours of running just weren’t working anymore. I was gaining weight and my body composition was getting worse. I was trying to “eat clean” only to feel deprived or underfed and would break out into a binge. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was sick and tired of hating my body and abusing it with food for years!

I met Kelsea through a mutual friend about 7 years ago. Via Facebook I followed her as she transformed and continues to transform her life through her love of lifting, flexible dieting and open heartedly helping those who seek it.
I was always (and continue to be) inspired by her but my head was so filled with myths about lifting and food that until I hit my bottom physically and emotionally I was unwilling to give it try, not to mention it intimidated me. It wasn’t easy stepping out of my comfort zone but at this point I had nothing left to lose. Clearly my way wasn’t working anymore.

I decided to sign up with Kelsea’s online training. I was terrified. One, of having to eat carbs and fats and two, I had no idea how to lift but Kelsea took me under her wing and told me to “trust the process”. I decided to put my trust in her and have yet to be disappointed. She has been my biggest cheerleader, she gladly answers any questions, and has been supportive so many levels.

I have fallen in love with my new lifestyle of lifting and flexible dieting. I am 33 years old, 5’8 and weigh 140 lbs. I have never been this satisfied with my body and finally have a healthy and respectful relationship with food. Before training with Kelsea I was obsessed with the number on the scale. I was certain that I would never be happy or attractive unless I could get down to my unrealistic, pre baby body weight when I was 20 years old. I had been programmed that I had to be skinny to be sexy. Its so freeing that I no longer live in this warped mindset about food or my body image.

I love busting my ass at the gym every week, tracking my food so I know what I am putting into my body and seeing progress sometimes weekly. I am a single mom, have sole custody of my son and work a full-time job and I make this work. If I don’t take care of myself first my home life suffers, just like everything in life I have found a way to balance this in. My physical health and my sanity is a priority. When I want something bad enough I make it work.

Coming from a place of never feeling good enough, body wise, I shared a recent dream of mine with Kelsea. One that I told myself I probably couldn’t do. I told Kelsea that I want to compete in a figure competition. When I told her my apprehensions and she made me feel at ease and was completely supportive of my goal. Even when I doubt myself she reminds me that the only person stopping me from achieving this dream is me.

Lifting has been empowering in many ways, mentally, emotionally and physically…. it has saved me from myself. I can’t say thank you enough to Kelsea for being an amazing mentor and friend.”

Tracie Jackson

“February 2017, I reached out to Kelsea for nutritional coaching. I chose Kelsea from the other fitness coaches because she chose to put her family first above all things and able to balanced health and fitness into family life. She didn’t market herself as much as the others on social media and such platforms, but her ability to take care of herself and family spoke louder than words. While I never had a problem with living an active lifestyle, my nutrition was all over the place! Imagine that with all the marketing of fad diets out there! Kelsea helped transformed my diet mentality to a more balanced and sustainable outlook with nutrition. I hated at first, because it did take much more effort than I had anticipated or more like, wanted to put forth, but since I was tired of doing it my way and I did pay for coaching, I decided to just listen and do what needed to be done. With time, things got much easier and effortless as we built better habits and choices. During the journey, we had several diet breaks while vacationing and am able to enjoy treats with my kids instead of watching them eat ice cream and me wishing for some! We lost about 30lbs and maintained while eating what we like. We are no longer tracking and able enjoy life with all the good eats daily in moderation. Thank you Kelsea for your patient, support and guidance through this journey!”


“Just a few months ago I was faced with the decision to try once again to lose weight for my wedding in three months or accept I was going to be an unhappy bride. I grew up in a home where you filled your plate and ate every bite. Unfortunately many of my family members ate their way to unhealthy weights. Other programs didn’t help me lose the weight I wanted and I never came close to looking the way I wanted to. I friend told me about Kelsea and how she creates eating programs focused a lifelong way of eating where nothing is off limits and you become a healthier you. At my heaviest I weighed 156lbs and thanks to Kelsea, I now weigh 130lbs. I learned to scale is a tool on the way to loving who you are. My hard work and kelsea’s help to change the way I think of myself has made start to like myself and what I see in the mirror. I am so grateful I found Kelsea. I am a happier healthier person.”

Kelli Thornton

“I won’t lie to anyone… I was always one of those people who thought talking to another person about your emotions, hopes, struggles, dreams, etc. was dumb.

HOLY CRAP, I was wrong.

I’ve spent about 2 months talking to Kelsea about so many aspects of life, and it has truly changed my view on the matter. Through these discussions I’ve become so much more incredibly self-aware, self-confident, and self-reliant.

Self-awareness always sound overused and underwhelming until I actually began to develop my own understanding. It’s more than knowing who you are; it’s knowing who you are and why you are that way. It’s fully delving into yourself and discovering what makes you tick. Kelsea’s Socratic teaching method pushed me to think deeper about myself, not only in terms of who I am, but who I want to be and how I’m going to get there.

Each session I develop a more genuine understanding of myself. I learn how to implement new methods of problem solving into my every day life, and it has relieved issues I’ve faced for years. Few people understood what I was going through when I reached out to Kelsea, but what I can tell I will never regret sending that first email. Kelsea has a natural ability and genuine interest to guide you towards positive change as you overcome your own self-limiting beliefs.”

Sirena Rowland

After struggling on my own with restrictive crash diets and a poisonous relationship with food, alcohol, and training I finally decided I needed to find some help. I found Kelsea via social media and promptly began working with her. With great patience and wisdom Kelsea guided me to repair my toxic relationship with food and with myself. She guided me to cultivate balance in my life not just with food but with training. In addition to being a wonderful nutrition coach Kelsea is also an incredible lifting coach- her programming is clear, consistent, and gets results and it is 100% tailored to your specific needs as a lifter. When critiquing lifts she knows exactly how to spell out what needs to be changed and she always has your best interest at heart to ensure lifts are being performed properly to avoid injury. I feel incredibly blessed to have had Kelsea as a role model and coach in my life, through her guidance I’ve come to a place where I feel I am finally balanced in diet and training. I no longer fear eating out or feel the need to obsessively track every bite of food that goes into my mouth. I know now I can trust myself to eat the foods I enjoy without overeating or binging as punishment. Kelsea is truly a gifted coach, I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure of working with her.


If you are reading these testimonials, it is probably because you intend to hire a coach and that you plan to be serious in your training and/or nutrition. I’ll tell you already that you’ll be in good hands with Kelsea for sure! I worked with her for 2 entire years. Not only did I learn to train efficiently, I got stronger over time and I was pleasantly surprise to see where I could go with all these weights!

Kelsea was always there, supportive and especially confident that I could do it.

This way, I gained something, over the course of two years, that I did not expect; confidence, empowerment and trust in myself that I could do what I wanted to do, not only under the bar, but also in every aspect of my life. For me, the most important thing I learned with Kelsea is to be patient, to trust the process and more importantly, to trust myself!

And overall, I got stronger, my body composition changed and I can now eat more food while keeping the same weight!

Marie-Pier Lottinville

“When Kelsea announced that she was starting to take on clients for life coaching, I hired her without hesitation. I came to know Kelsea through Eric (her husband, my powerlifting coach), and I knew I wanted to work with her, but will admit I didn’t fully understand what life coaching really was. I did know that I wanted to make some changes in my own life, and had set some (fairly steep) goals for myself, and didn’t know how to get there. I figured it was worth a shot to work with Kelsea for a few months.

What came out of our weekly talks over the next 12 weeks was nothing short of incredible. Kelsea helped me understand my own thought process and how I handle situations, helped me address things where I struggled (managing stress, time management, thought processes – to name a few), and the action and solutions that came out of our talks were 100% sustainable, simply refocusing or reorganizing how I thought about things. I’m sleeping better, getting more accomplished than ever before, managing my stress like a champ, and have taken some advances in my career during the last 3 months. It’s amazing how simple yet powerful the changes I’ve made were, and they were all identified during our weekly sessions where Kelsea would listen to my crazy rambling, ask me the right questions, and get my brain thinking a little differently.

Hiring Kelsea as my life coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, hands down. Kelsea is so smart, kind, caring, and one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. It’s apparent that she cares for all of her clients and I never once felt like she was too busy, or that what I wanted to talk about that day was silly or weird. If I ever get to a point where I need an outsider’s perspective to get things moving in the right direction, I will hire her again, no hesitation. I highly recommend hiring Kelsea to be YOUR life coach – she’s amazing!”


our clients speak for themselves!

"For the past several years, I have turned to Kelsea for guidance when it comes to strength training and nutrition planning as she has a wealth of information to offer. She offered me a new way of approaching nutrition and training that transformed into a lifestyle that I enjoy. After falling in love with Crossfit in 2013, I wanted to get stronger and gain weight in order to improve my performance. I was (and still am) a smaller athlete compared to most and understood that I needed size and strength to be competitive, so I turned to Kelsea for help in October 2013. She provided me a nutrition and strength program to follow. Over several months, I noticed strength gains in all areas. Not only did I PR my lifts, my metabolic conditioning improved, I was using heavier weights in metcons, and strength endurance had gone up. Amazingly, while I gained a few pounds, my body composition was also changing for the better. I had concrete evidence it was working- my body fat % decreased from 18.75 to 17.5 over a 6 month period, and I gained nearly 4 pounds of lean body mass. I couldn't be more grateful for everything she has done. I knew Kelsea was pretty amazing, but I had no idea she makes miracles happen!"