"I have been working with Kelsea for over four months now, and I couldn't be happier with the progress I have made with her programming. I have been able to make incredible strength gains all while leaning out for my upcoming powerlifting meet. With her flexible dieting approach, I have seen amazing body composition changes without omitting my favorite foods and feeling deprived. Kelsea has been so supportive and motivating throughout this journey, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a training/nutrition coach!"

Brooke Gilardi

"Kelsea is a true teacher of her craft. She shows passion and enthusiasm about lifting.  Kelsea is a trainer who encompasses change.  She not only maintains high expectations for herself, but also for her clients.  Kelsea retrains, bodies, metabolisms and attitudes.  Kelsea works with the whole client - physically, mentally and emotionally.  Kelsea has created a confidence within me with regards to lifting weights. She has imparted nutritional knowledge which I will carry for life. I'm grateful for Kelsea and her dedication to helping me achieve my goals."

Alicia Weingart


"Last summer I was trying on clothes and literally had a melt down in the dressing room…. I was so frustrated. All the boot camps, TRX, spin classes and hours of running just weren't working anymore.  I was gaining weight and my body composition was getting worse. I was trying to "eat clean" only to feel deprived or underfed and would break out into a binge.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I was sick and tired of hating my body and abusing it with food for years!

I met Kelsea through a mutual friend about 7 years ago. Via Facebook I followed her as she transformed and continues to transform her life through her love of lifting, flexible dieting and open heartedly helping those who seek it. 
I was always (and continue to be) inspired by her but my head was so filled with myths about lifting and food that until I hit my bottom physically and emotionally I was unwilling to give it try, not to mention it intimidated me.   It wasn't easy stepping out of my comfort zone but at this point I had nothing left to lose. Clearly my way wasn't working anymore. 

I decided to sign up with Kelsea's online training. I was terrified. One, of having to eat carbs and fats and two, I had no idea how to lift but Kelsea took me under her wing and told me to "trust the process".  I decided to put my trust in her and have yet to be disappointed. She has been my biggest cheerleader, she gladly answers any questions, and has been supportive so many levels. 

I have fallen in love with my new lifestyle of lifting and flexible dieting. I am 33 years old, 5'8 and weigh 140 lbs.  I have never been this satisfied with my body and finally have a healthy and respectful relationship with food.  Before training with Kelsea I was obsessed with the number on the scale. I was certain that I would never be happy or attractive unless I could get down to my unrealistic, pre baby body weight when I was 20 years old. I had been programmed that I had to be skinny to be sexy. Its so freeing that I no longer live in this warped mindset about food or my body image. 

I love busting my ass at the gym every week, tracking my food so I know what I am putting into my body and seeing progress sometimes weekly. I am a single mom, have sole custody of my son and work a full-time job and I make this work. If I don't take care of myself first my home life suffers, just like everything in life I have found a way to balance this in. My physical health and my sanity is a priority. When I want something bad enough I make it work.  

Coming from a place of never feeling good enough, body wise, I shared a recent dream of mine with Kelsea. One that I told myself I probably couldn't do. I told Kelsea that I want to compete in a figure competition. When I told her my apprehensions and she made me feel at ease and was completely supportive of my goal. Even when I doubt myself she reminds me that the only person stopping me from achieving this dream is me. 

Lifting has been empowering in many ways, mentally, emotionally and physically…. it has saved me from myself. I can't say thank you enough to Kelsea for being an amazing mentor and friend."

Tracie Jackson

"I met Kelsea when I was living in Sarasota in 2010 through a mutual friend and at that time Kelsea was at the heaviest weight she had ever been. I moved back to NH the end of 2011 and my heaviest weight was 160lbs but that had been in 2009. I started seeing Kelsea transform her life through facebook and watched her drop all her weight, become a certified personal trainer and start training for her very first figure show. At that point in my life I had reached 156lbs, almost gained my 160lbs back in about a two year span. It was in March 2013 that I decided to reach out and ask her for some help. Kelsea had started mentioning how she wanted to start online fitness training and I thought to myself…”I’ve watched this girl literally lose all her weight right in front of my eyes…I KNOW her…and if I’m going to let anyone train me its going to be someone who I know has been in my shoes” plus I knew that if I knew my trainer personally, letting them down wouldn’t be an option. I wouldn’t want to let her down. So I sent her an email and my training began! I was her very FIRST client!!!!

I’ve been training with Kelsea for a year now off and on. I have lost 21 lbs total and kept it off. What I love about Kelsea is that she is dedicated to helping people who are serious about losing weight and becoming fit. She sets aside so much of her personal time to help so many of us girls achieve our goals. She sets you up with your Macros for the week, a fitness program and she is not only here to be our coach but she is there for us emotionally as we go through this process. It’s certainly not easy but without her I wouldn’t of been able to do accomplish so much. She gave me the tools and the confidence to achieve my own personal goals. She has created “Team Proscience”  as a place where we can all come together as a group and share all our achievements. All of us girls are able to be there for one another even being scattered acrossed the U.S. We post fitness videos of our own workouts, inspirational tips, ask questions…its just an amazing group to be apart of. We inspire each other to keep going!!! What more can you ask for?!

If you are truly serious about losing weight, gaining muscle or maybe even just learning to how eat better and still being able to EAT WHAT YOU LIKE!!!!! then I highly HIGHLY recommend letting Kelsea guide you and give you the tools you need to make that happen. She will change your life. I absolutely love this girl!!! Thank you Kelsea!


"As a figure pro in the IFPA and NGA, and someone who has been lifting weights for ten years, I can say that there is always wisdom and insight to be gained from others.  We all need outside guidance and advice.  As women, we can be our own worst critics and often times stubborn.  We can even get in the way of our own progress.  That is why having a coach is an additional advantage.  Over the past few months, Kelsea has helped me with my first two powerlifting meets.  My strength and technique improved tremendously and it was such a fun, empowering experience.  We are now on track to prep my workouts and macros for the upcoming pro figure season.  Some exciting changes are already well under way and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together!! "

Jen Cox

"I have been a client of Kelsea's since mid September, I have lost 26.5 pounds in 27 weeks and have gone from a size 12 to a size 4/6.  All while continually getting stronger and more confident in my abilities.  Kelsea's expertise, guidance and support has been unparalleled  to any other program or trainer I have trained under.  I look forward to my continued growth and meeting future goals under her guidance!"

Michelle Pinto

"I started training with Kelsea two years ago out of her garage in Sarasota, FL. I was obsessed with cardio and could not believe that lifting would get me the results I was looking for. I struggled a lot with my eating and working out consistently. I did not follow Kelsea's directions and continued bingeing, running and spinning. I gained 15lbs. I became extremely distraught and decided to commit to personal training sessions with Kelsea. I followed the macronutrient based diet she gave me. I lost the weight I had gained and gained muscle. I also gained confidence. Confidence in my body, in my identity as a strong woman and I learned my way around the gym. Before Kelsea lovingly and patiently showed me how to correctly perform weighted exercise~ I would not have dared go into the male dominated "weight section" of the gym. I would jump on a cardio machine and start moving because I felt like that's what I knew how to do. I was overwhelmed and intimidated to go into "that part" of the gym. I have not done cardio in over one year. I have maintained my weight and built strength. My body continues to change and I finally see the figure that I've always wanted coming to fruition. I am so excited about continuing to get stronger and more lean! Working with Kelsea has completlely changed my relationship to food and my body. I am so grateful that she taught me to lift! I have personally seen the lives of several of my friends transformed by her too! Her approach is tried and tested. I highly recommend her!!!"

Rachael Ferguson-Brown

"For the past several years, I have turned to Kelsea for guidance when it comes to strength training and nutrition planning as she has a wealth of information to offer. She offered me a new way of approaching nutrition and training that transformed into a lifestyle that I enjoy. After falling in love with Crossfit in 2013, I wanted to get stronger and gain weight in order to improve my performance. I was (and still am) a smaller athlete compared to most and understood that I needed size and strength to be competitive, so I turned to Kelsea for help in October 2013. She provided me a nutrition and strength program to follow.  Over several months, I noticed strength gains in all areas. Not only did I PR my lifts, my metabolic conditioning improved, I was using heavier weights in metcons, and strength endurance had gone up. Amazingly, while I gained a few pounds, my body composition was also changing for the better. I had concrete evidence it was working- my body fat % decreased from 18.75 to 17.5 over a 6 month period, and I gained nearly 4 pounds of lean body mass. I couldn't be more grateful for everything she has done. I knew Kelsea was pretty amazing, but I had no idea she makes miracles happen!"



"I am one of those people that like to eat!  Food is something I really enjoy but staying healthy and in shape is also something I enjoy too.  Enjoying the foods I love and staying in shape was something that I always found difficult to do.  I would try “eating clean”, counting calories, not eating, no carb etc.  Nothing worked in the long run.  I first heard of Kelsea and Team Pro-Science through my husband and learned that she works with her clients to meet their individual needs with nutrition.  My goal was to lose weight but also maintain strength with it.  What I really liked about Team Pro-Science is how Kelsea listens to you as an individual and works to determine what is best for your needs.   Kelsea informed me that what I would be doing is counting my macros/flexible dieting.  At first, I thought it was a little hard to get used too but that changed once I started getting into the groove of it.  My weight started dropping and I was loving it.  I could finally eat and enjoy the foods I love and continue living my life.  Team Pro-Science is where it’s at and I would highly recommend Kelsea!  You won’t be disappointed.  Kelsea and her team are proof that Flexible dieting (macros) works."

Kelly Walker

"I lost 11lbs in the first month with Kelsea. She's a very hands on and supportive trainer who makes nutrition planning look easy. She has really helped change my eating habits for the better. Best trainer ever!"

Liz Daley



"February 2017, I reached out to Kelsea for nutritional coaching. I chose Kelsea from the other fitness coaches because she chose to put her family first above all things and able to balanced health and fitness into family life. She didn’t market herself as much as the others on social media and such platforms, but her ability to take care of herself and family spoke louder than words. While I never had a problem with living an active lifestyle, my nutrition was all over the place! Imagine that with all the marketing of fad diets out there! Kelsea helped transformed my diet mentality to a more balanced and sustainable outlook with nutrition. I hated at first, because it did take much more effort than I had anticipated or more like, wanted to put forth, but since I was tired of doing it my way and I did pay for coaching, I decided to just listen and do what needed to be done. With time, things got much easier and effortless as we built better habits and choices. During the journey, we had several diet breaks while vacationing and am able to enjoy treats with my kids instead of watching them eat ice cream and me wishing for some! We lost about 30lbs and maintained while eating what we like. We are no longer tracking and able enjoy life with all the good eats daily in moderation. Thank you Kelsea for your patient, support and guidance through this journey!"




"When Kelsea announced that she was starting to take on clients for life coaching, I hired her without hesitation. I came to know Kelsea through Eric (her husband, my powerlifting coach), and I knew I wanted to work with her, but will admit I didn't fully understand what life coaching really was. I did know that I wanted to make some changes in my own life, and had set some (fairly steep) goals for myself, and didn't know how to get there. I figured it was worth a shot to work with Kelsea for a few months.

What came out of our weekly talks over the next 12 weeks was nothing short of incredible. Kelsea helped me understand my own thought process and how I handle situations, helped me address things where I struggled (managing stress, time management, thought processes - to name a few), and the action and solutions that came out of our talks were 100% sustainable, simply refocusing or reorganizing how I thought about things. I'm sleeping better, getting more accomplished than ever before, managing my stress like a champ, and have taken some advances in my career during the last 3 months. It's amazing how simple yet powerful the changes I've made were, and they were all identified during our weekly sessions where Kelsea would listen to my crazy rambling, ask me the right questions, and get my brain thinking a little differently.

Hiring Kelsea as my life coach was one of the best decisions I've ever made, hands down. Kelsea is so smart, kind, caring, and one of the most genuine people I've ever met. It's apparent that she cares for all of her clients and I never once felt like she was too busy, or that what I wanted to talk about that day was silly or weird. If I ever get to a point where I need an outsider's perspective to get things moving in the right direction, I will hire her again, no hesitation. I highly recommend hiring Kelsea to be YOUR life coach - she's amazing!"




"I was really skeptical about life coaching at first. I didn't know Kelsea really well but I knew I needed an "outside source" to help me having a better understanding on how to conquer some of the things in my life.  I can say this hands down, life coaching changed me. I made me choose myself.  With her help I have more understanding of how I'm feeling and how I can feel my situation but not let it control me.  What a blessing.  We've talked about some of my biggest fears to everyday things.  I'm so thankful for this experience.  The "tools" Kelsea and I have found together are ones that I will use for the rest of my life." 

Hayley Batten



"Before I worked with Kelsey I basically feared food. I convinced myself I had a gluten allergy, lactose intolerant and flour would give me anxiety. Today if something looks good in the grocery store I buy it with no regrets! Not only do I get to eat what I want but I have done it while losing weight! Also working with Kelsea has given me the confidence in the gym that I never have had before. I have been working out for years and within two months of working with kelsea I am lifting like a professional! I have no fear about getting stronger or embracing my strength for that matter.  I today for the first time consider myself a real athlete. Working with kelsea has made weight training enjoyable rather than a requirement to become perfect or comfortable in my own skin. Overall, Kelsea is the best!"

Ashley Porter


"I was pretty burnt out from doing almost 2 seasons of back to back natural bodybuilding competing. I had recently left the Marine Corps after 12 years, and was “taking a break” from counting my macros, the gym, i.e. basically wasting time and packing on about 20 lbs while I was at it. I had had wrist surgery in January 2013 and had this fear that my bench would never be the same. My squat was stalling and my deadlift was atrocious. I had skirted around the edges of the powerlifting world and could see the many benefits from it but didn’t quite have the confidence in myself or the experience to really be able to program what I needed to do to fix my three main movements.  It would seem like it would be a seamless evolution, wanting to switch from bodybuilding to powerlifting, but when you are pretty clueless on how to switch from one to the other, it can be pretty intimidating. There was this girl that I followed on Instagram and YouTube. I had watched (ok creeped) her well documented FIRST season from being a powerlifter to becoming a NGA Figure Pro. She had this determination, focus, and drive that drew me in.

One day while trolling fb, I noticed Kelsea had posted on her NGA Figure Pro page, she was open to taking on female clients for online training, no matter what their goals as long as they were ready to commit. I’d been watching and observing from afar and knew I had to jump at this chance to learn and see how far she could take me. This was in late June/early July 2013.

Well, my last check in Thursday marked my 38th weekly progress pics AND I am writing this the night before my SECOND powerlifting meet. Yea, she took me this far and we aren’t done yet. My squat numbers have gone from 195 to a 245 pr, bench 115 to 150, and deadlift 215 to 305. My personal totals have climbed from a measly 525 to 700. Did I mention the fact that I’ve lost 20 pounds with her nutritional guidance? That too!
Kelsea isn’t just my coach or mentor, she is a trusted and now dear friend even though we will finally meet for the first time a year after we started this amazing journey together. If you have a dream and aren’t sure of where to start or who to start with, Kelsea is the one you want to begin it with. The women I have met through TeamProScience are some of the best and greatest you will ever “meet” through this wonderful empowering team. I can’t say enough about how much her coaching and phenominal guidance has meant to me. Stop wanting to TRY to achieve your dreams, realize and accomplish them with Kelsea!"

Kelly Miller

"I began working with Kelsea seven months ago. When I came to Kelsea I was feeling defeated. I had been crash dieting and sporadically working out for years, sometimes losing weight and sometimes not... no matter what the weight always came back and maybe a few more pounds. I was feeling unattractive, unhealthy and I hated my body. I heard about Kelsea and her gym Sarasota Barbell from a good friend.  I was very curious about what Kelsea had to offer me because my friend who had worked with her had achieved great results in her appearance and I could see a change in her attitude about diet and exercises. Honestly, I had no idea what kind of transformation was in store for me. 

Although I had a lot of anxiety and felt insecure about working out in a gym Kelsea made it a point to make me feel comfortable. No question I asked was ever stupid and the patience she exhibited for a newbie like myself was more than welcoming. Kelsea created a nutrition program for me that I love and is easy to follow, she took the time to explain the program and the science behind it. She is always available when I have questions and willing to help. 

With Kelsea's training I have achieved so much. I have lost 22 pounds and I'm eating more food than I was before. I have discovered a new passion for power lifting and I will be participating in my first Power Lifting Meet this May! I have built strength, I have built confidence. I feel healthy and attractive. I no longer hate my body or the way I look. I have a better relationship with food, I want to feed my body because I care about it and I want to be able to perform. I discovered that I love lifting, it makes me happy. 

If I didn't have someone like Kelsea in my corner coaching me I know I wouldn't have stuck with it. I would have thrown in the towel long before because I felt uncomfortable, felt stupid, or simply because I didn't think I could do it. I have learned from Kelsea that with patience and determination anything is possible.The transformations I have experienced physically and mentally from my training are more than I could have ever asked for. I am so grateful to have found Kelsea!"


"I won’t lie to anyone… I was always one of those people who thought talking to another person about your emotions, hopes, struggles, dreams, etc. was dumb. 

HOLY CRAP, I was wrong. 

I’ve spent about 2 months talking to Kelsea about so many aspects of life, and it has truly changed my view on the matter. Through these discussions I’ve become so much more incredibly self-aware, self-confident, and self-reliant. 

Self-awareness always sound overused and underwhelming until I actually began to develop my own understanding. It’s more than knowing who you are; it’s knowing who you are and why you are that way. It’s fully delving into yourself and discovering what makes you tick. Kelsea’s Socratic teaching method pushed me to think deeper about myself, not only in terms of who I am, but who I want to be and how I’m going to get there. 

Each session I develop a more genuine understanding of myself. I learn how to implement new methods of problem solving into my every day life, and it has relieved issues I’ve faced for years. Few people understood what I was going through when I reached out to Kelsea, but what I can tell I will never regret sending that first email. Kelsea has a natural ability and genuine interest to guide you towards positive change as you overcome your own self-limiting beliefs."

Sirena Rowland

"I contacted Kelsea in February of 2012 after reaching an all time high body weight which exceeded 145 lbs. My days of extremely poor diet and binge drinking had caught up to me and developed into a pudgy body that I was unhappy with. I had the typical goals and expectations of the average female client: loose weight and tone up. I was the epitome of a beginner. My knowledge of exercise, diet, free weights and training equipment was non-existent. I literally started from "ground zero." Kelsea was patient and understanding. After my first month or so of completing "the basics," she told me I was going to learn how to squat, bench, and deadlift. I didn't mind, as long as I would lose weight and obtain the physique I ultimately desired. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with powerlifting. It changed my life for the better, and God only knows where I'd be, if I was still living the party girl lifestyle. I trained with Kelsea for about a year. She provided me with tools and knowledge to start lifting on my own. I began as one of the weakest clients of she had ever trained, yet have attained an ever increasing 700 lb total. With a 250 lb squat, 125 lb bench, and a 340 lb deadlift. I now train 4 days a week at her awesome gym, Sarasota Barbell. Currently, Kelsea is providing me with a nutritional program (IIFYM) to slowly gain muscle and weight so I can grace the figure stage next year. I am truly proud to call Kelsea a friend, mentor, and inspiration, and am honored to be a part of her conception: Team ProScience. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kelsea for all that you and your husband, Eric, have done and continue to do for me, on this life-changing fitness journey of mine."

Sara Flanagan

"I started working with Kelsea in March 2014. I had followed her on Facebook and YouTube for about a year before I finally said to myself "what are you waiting for, work with her!" I knew that she wouldn't starve me or give me a set meal plan along with lots of cardio because I saw the way she prepped for her show. Kelsea was so quick to respond and we got started immediately. The workouts she gave me were very effective and to the point. I had never lifted like a powerlifter before. I absolutely loved each training day! I didn't do ANY cardio for months. I was eating more food, lifting heavier than I ever have in my life and my body was responding very well! Before Kelsea I thought dead lifting 115lbs was hard and after working with Kelsea I deadlifted 215x2! All my lifts have increased! She gave me confidence under the bar.

I sent pictures weekly for check ins and would get so excited because each week my pictures looked better than before. I love the iifym approach because there are no food restrictions. Just make sure that you hit your numbers at the end of the day. I find my self happier with iifym and I have more energy! No longer will I miss social events because the food they are serving isn't on my set plan. I'm free!!

I can't wait to start working with Kelsea again in the future! I sometimes look in the mirror or at a picture and think "Wow that is me!" I started out at about 151 and currently hoovering around 144-140. Thank you Kelsea for all of your hard work.  You are an amazing coach!!!

Tiffany Coleman

"Just a few months ago I was faced with the decision to try once again to lose weight for my wedding in three months or accept I was going to be an unhappy bride. I grew up in a home where you filled your plate and ate every bite. Unfortunately many of my family members ate their way to unhealthy weights. Other programs didn't help me lose the weight I wanted and I never came close to looking the way I wanted to. I friend told me about Kelsea and how she creates eating programs focused a lifelong way of eating where nothing is off limits and you become a healthier you. At my heaviest I weighed 156lbs and thanks to Kelsea, I now weigh 130lbs. I learned to scale is a tool on the way to loving who you are. My hard work and kelsea's help to change the way I think of myself has made start to like myself and what I see in the mirror. I am so grateful I found Kelsea. I am a happier healthier person."

Kelli Thornton

After struggling on my own with restrictive crash diets and a poisonous relationship with food, alcohol, and training I finally decided I needed to find some help. I found Kelsea via social media and promptly began working with her. With great patience and wisdom Kelsea guided me to repair my toxic relationship with food and with myself. She guided me to cultivate balance in my life not just with food but with training. In addition to being a wonderful nutrition coach Kelsea is also an incredible lifting coach- her programming is clear, consistent, and gets results and it is 100% tailored to your specific needs as a lifter. When critiquing lifts she knows exactly how to spell out what needs to be changed and she always has your best interest at heart to ensure lifts are being performed properly to avoid injury. I feel incredibly blessed to have had Kelsea as a role model and coach in my life, through her guidance I've come to a place where I feel I am finally balanced in diet and training. I no longer fear eating out or feel the need to obsessively track every bite of food that goes into my mouth. I know now I can trust myself to eat the foods I enjoy without overeating or binging as punishment. Kelsea is truly a gifted coach, I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure of working with her.


If you are reading these testimonials, it is probably because you intend to hire a coach and that you plan to be serious in your training and/or nutrition. I'll tell you already that you'll be in good hands with Kelsea for sure! I worked with her for 2 entire years. Not only did I learn to train efficiently, I got stronger over time and I was pleasantly surprise to see where I could go with all these weights!
Kelsea was always there, supportive and especially confident that I could do it.
This way, I gained something, over the course of two years, that I did not expect; confidence, empowerment and trust in myself that I could do what I wanted to do, not only under the bar, but also in every aspect of my life. For me, the most important thing I learned with Kelsea is to be patient, to trust the process and more importantly, to trust myself!
And overall, I got stronger, my body composition changed and I can now eat more food while keeping the same weight!

Marie-Pier Lottinville






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