Fat Loss / Body Recomposition

Becoming knowledgable about nutrition and building that base is where we can see the most success, understanding the basics allows us to make the best choices that align with our goals. We are building a relationship in this process so that you can be successful long term.

Strength Training Programming

Building physical strength will build our mental strength, the two go hand in hand in a way most may not realize. Strength training is a progressive way to achieve our health goals. We aren’t just building strength, we are building confidence.

Life Coaching Sessions

These sessions are structured in a way to empower you and to help you navigate through any situation. Together we dig deeper to find and develop the tools that you need in order to continue to grow.


Booked one session at a time with the focus being on your growth as a leader. I can answer your questions and we can work together to form a plan that will allow you to succeed.

our clients speak for themselves!

"I have been working with Kelsea for over four months now, and I couldn't be happier with the progress I have made with her programming. I have been able to make incredible strength gains all while leaning out for my upcoming powerlifting meet. With her flexible dieting approach, I have seen amazing body composition changes without omitting my favorite foods and feeling deprived. Kelsea has been so supportive and motivating throughout this journey, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a training/nutrition coach!"
Brooke Gilardi