who am i?

Kelsea Koenreich

Name: Kelsea Marie Koenreich
Birthday: August 14, 1987
Hometown: Grapevine, TX
Current Residence: Sarasota, FL

Figure Competitions:

  • DFAC Gator Classic, April 2013 – 3rd place 
  • NGA Abraham Fitness, May 2013 – 1st place Novice, 1st place Tall Class – Pro Card Awarded
  • OCB Southeastern States, May 2013- 4th place Tall Class
  • OCB, April 2015
  • NGA (Pro Show), May 2015
  • WNBF Muscle Mayhem, July 2015

Powerlifting Meets:

  • Raw United, May 2012
  • Raw United, July 2012
  • Raw United, March 2013 (during figure prep)
  • Raw United, November 2013
  • USAPL, December 2013
  • USAPL, March 2014
  • USAPL, July 2014
  • USAPL, April 2015

My story

I was born in Texas, where most of my family still resides, then moved to Florida when I was 16. I was the opposite of athletic as I never played any sports and didn’t have any interest in exercise at all. What I did always have an interest in was partying and that’s what consumed my life. After about 8 years of ups and downs I woke up in a very dark reality. I realized I was a nobody with no direction surrounded by people who had no hopes to better themselves either. I decided it was time for a change.

At this point my changing my exterior wasn’t my primary concern, it was all about becoming healthy on the inside. I learned cognitive thinking, I read books, I wrote, and I started to find out who I really was. I saw myself turn from this person with no hopes or dreams to someone who just wanted to excel and live a better life. No matter what happened day to day I focused on having a more positive outlook and becoming a better person. It’s funny how many people actually distanced themselves from me during this period in my life.

One of the few friends who hadn’t distanced themselves from me knew her way around the gym, so I looked to her when I decided it was time to make some changes to my physique. I was never morbidly obese or disgusted with my body, but I also had never given myself a chance to see what my body really looked like because I’d always been “chubby”. I started like most people do: With chicken, broccoli and lots of Tupperware.

The gym was never intimidating to me and I was never afraid to lift weights. I simply had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that at this point is that I was going to keep going and I wasn’t going to quit. I had an appointment book and I would schedule days and times for the gym, and I went every time.

It was during one of these gym trips that I met my future husband Eric for the first time. Since this story isn’t meant to be a mushy love story – I’ll just say that everything I’ve accomplished I owe to him.

Eric took on the task of training me, and I was like a sponge soaking up everything he would tell me. Because I was never athletic, the compound movements (squat, bench, deadlift) didn’t come naturally to me. I was very weak and really uncoordinated. Despite my physical shortcomings, I wasn’t going to let anything stop me, no matter what. Initially I couldn’t squat with a barbell, bench the bar, or deadlift 65lbs.

Eric taught me about counting macronutrients and my mind was blown. Goodbye sweet Tupperware!

I fell in love with strength and I was getting stronger every session all while losing weight. The people around me started to notice that I had lost weight and started to ask me for advice. At this point I decided to become certified as a Personal Trainer, so I could help others feel good about themselves like I did. I started training at a local commercial gym and had about 40 clients, although only about 20% of them were actually committed. I had people contacting me about training outside of the gym as well so I started training people in our garage. Over time, that garage gym slowly evolved into a legitimate strength training facility. Eric and I opened Sarasota Barbell in August of 2012.

I couldn’t believe that I had found something I loved so much. I felt so wonderful and all I wanted was to make other people feel just as great. I competed in a few powerlifting meets and then decided I was going to compete in figure.

Under the guidance of Alberto Nunez I won my NGA pro card and during my prep I created Team ProScience. I started online coaching after I realized how much I loved teaching others how to lift and eat, and I didn’t want it to be limited to just my city. I got so many messages asking for advice and while I tried to answer as many as questions as I could, it came to the point where I decided to turn it into a full fledged business.

I couldn’t be happier with this decision as I’ve found my true passion in coaching. I’m so grateful every day to be able to do what I love.

our clients speak for themselves!

"I have been a client of Kelsea's since mid September, I have lost 26.5 pounds in 27 weeks and have gone from a size 12 to a size 4/6. All while continually getting stronger and more confident in my abilities. Kelsea's expertise, guidance and support has been unparalleled to any other program or trainer I have trained under. I look forward to my continued growth and meeting future goals under her guidance!"
Michelle Pinto