helping you build a healthy balanced life


Team ProScience is bigger than any traditional fitness coaching. We work together to build a relationship so you can develop better habits that are going to work for you long term. I want to help you transform your life by making small, sustainable changes that won’t overwhelm you or turn your life upside down. My goal for each person I work with is to work together towards a healthy, balanced life. I have a dream that we can bridge this gap of physical and mental wellness and my coaching is largely focused on the mental wellbeing of my clients. I offer stand alone services as well as packages that include multiple services so we can get you what you need.

our clients speak for themselves!

"Kelsea is a true teacher of her craft. She shows passion and enthusiasm about lifting. Kelsea is a trainer who encompasses change. She not only maintains high expectations for herself, but also for her clients. Kelsea retrains, bodies, metabolisms and attitudes. Kelsea works with the whole client - physically, mentally and emotionally. Kelsea has created a confidence within me with regards to lifting weights. She has imparted nutritional knowledge which I will carry for life. I'm grateful for Kelsea and her dedication to helping me achieve my goals."
Alicia Weingart